Coach Bursary

The club committee has made a commitment to recruiting more coaches by agreeing to implement a coach bursary scheme to help people achieve their coach licenses.

The committee has agreed to support coaches with upto 50% of their course cost, with 25% of the cost to be paid prior to the course, and the further 25% to follow once:

  • Your coach license has arrived (subject to a CRB check with UKA)
  • Athletics Leaders/Coaching Assistants have coached 10 hours
  • Athletics Coaches have coached 15 hours

If you would like to benefit from the Team Hounslow coach bursary, please contact Jonathan Barbour to discuss a suitable course.  If you feel you require a further financial contribution to the cost of the course please let us know and we will consider that on an individual basis.  It is required that coaches become a member of Team Hounslow Athletic Club to qualify for an England Athletics reduced course cost, and then our bursary.

There are also additional sources of funding available from time to time and we encourage you to apply for these with our full support.

To apply for a bursary, simply complete the form below and submit it to Jonathan Barbour. This will be reviewed at the following committee meeting and you will be informed of the outcome.

Coach Bursary Application

Coaching Log for Bursary

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