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Waiting list registration form.  Please return to Jonathan.Barbour@fusion-lifestyle.com (Membership Secretary).


About Team Hounslow AC

Team Hounslow was launched as a club in early 2012 with the aim of becoming affiliated to England Athletics club by the end of the Olympic year.  This involved meeting various criteria including the viability of the club, the athletics that we offer, our work with England Athletics and an Athletics Network and having a management committee in place.  This was all achieved in 2012 – Olympic Legacy in action!  We are an active club in the West London Athletics Network, and working towards Clubmark.  More information about all of this can be found on www.englandathletics.org.  The Team Hounslow committee, coaches, officials and more general helpers are VOLUNTEERS.  We offer training and competition for athletes in the Under 11 – Under 20 age groups.  We currently have 250 members, which for a new club is a large number.


Why do we have a waiting list?

We are a new club and very much in our early stages of growth and development.  Athletics involves many different types of activities – track and field, cross country, sportshall athletics and indoor track and field; and within these different types of athletics, there’s a variety of events on offer, across a large number of age groups.  This means the club and the athletes are learning and experiencing things for the first time, and it will take time to establish ourselves.

  • It’s important to control the growth of the club so it remains manageable.
  • To ensure athletes, coaches and other volunteers receive a quality experience at Team Hounslow, and not put the quality at risk through increasing the quantity of athletes to an unmanageable number at training sessions and competitions.  Team Hounslow is aiming for a 1:12 ratio of coaches to athletes at training sessions in line with England Athletics’ Clubmark criteria.
  • We require more people to attend coaching and officiating courses to create places for new athletes, and take on some responsibility in various club management roles.
  • Our existing coaches, officials and other volunteers are still learning and developing, and need support and mentoring to provide better opportunities for the athletes at Team Hounslow.


What can I do to reduce the time my child spends on the waiting list?

Team Hounslow is exactly that – a team!  For the club to grow and develop further we do need more people with the enthusiasm to get involved, specifically in coaching roles as that will increase the number of children that can attend training.  If you feel you have that (no athletics experience required!) please get in contact; England Athletics has a broad range of coaching courses that last as little as one day and we can direct you to an appropriate course.


Additionally, there is a list of volunteering opportunities on the Team Hounslow website.  Please have a look at this as there are a number of ‘behind the scenes’ type roles which also need fulfilling.  Please visit www.teamhounslow.co.uk and follow the drop down menu under ‘Club Information’ to find the ‘Volunteering’ page.  Please note a stipulation in our membership is that parents/carers commit to volunteering at least 4 times throughout the year.


Please contact Rebecca Townsend on Jonathan.Barbour@fusion-lifestyle.com if you are interested in volunteering at the club.  Alternatively, we will be in contact when a place becomes available for your child, so thank you in advance for your patience while we work on creating more spaces until this time.


 Jonathan Barbour

Athletics Development Officer

Email: Jonathan.Barbour@fusion-lifestyle.com

Office: 0845 456 2856

 Dorota Rakowicz

Team Hounslow Membership Secretary

Email: Dorota.Rakowicz@fusion-lifestyle.com

Office: 02083266270









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